Research Services

Holding the belief that nobody else understands users better than themselves, we adopt a user-centered approach in strategizing and executing your digital goals.  To understand about users’ ever-evolving attitudes and behaviors, we conduct user research through a range of both qualitative and quantitative methods.

User Research / UX Research

The first step toward developing or improving a digital presence tailored to your target users’ expectation is to conduct user research. As users’ attitudes and behaviors are ever-changing, this step is necessary even if similar research has been conducted in the past. We employ the most suitable quantitative and quantitative research methods in answering the research questions we have. The research process starts with recruiting the right group of respondents and participants, research design, to its execution.

Quantitative methods include survey, usability testing, A/B testing, multivariate testing, and data analysis. Qualitative methods include interview, contextual inquiry, focus group discussion, and competitor analysis.

User Experience Audit / User Experience Consulting

Our UX audit / UX consulting service allows you to take stock of the UX performance of your digital presence from an independent third party perspective. The objective is to assess whether you are delivering the experience that meets your user’s expectations with a benchmark to your competitors. Periodical performance of such assessments allows you to keep on offering a digital experience that excites your users.

Usability Testing / User Testing

We conduct usability tests remotely and in person with end users representing your target users’ psychographic and demographic profiles. We also provide assistance in recruiting participants to match your required personas. Eye-tracking, screen, audio & video recordings are often made while tests are going on. The ultimate goal of the tests is usually to evaluate the usability of a new or revised feature on a prototype or a live platform. On top of that, usability testing is often conducted frequently on existing digital product to determine potential areas for improvement.  All in all, we want to ensure a high satisfaction rate among your users.

Expert Evaluation / Heuristics Evaluation

Heuristics evaluation is a quick way to access the usability of your digital product. Based on a set of conventional practices, two of more of our UX consultants with more than 5 years of experience will evaluate your product. At the end of the process, we will determine issues, recommend solutions and prioritize areas of improvement.

Data Analytics & Review

In the era of big data, sales data, website analytics, customer demographic, visitors’ log etc are extremely valuable. They are useful in determining trends and marketing strategies. In short, data is king!

At Epitomist, we adopt a suitable framework to synthesize, analyze and review your data. Moreover, you will get insights into the drivers of your customer needs and satisfaction. In order to further substantiate the findings, we develop hypotheses and test them through qualitative research methods.